Jan 26, 2017

2017 January

 Gertrude May Thompson Healey 
I'm dedicating 2017 to my grandmother, born in 1878 near Boston, likely Jamaica Plain. One hundred years ago she was married and had two children, 14-year Dorothy and 11-year old Constance.  Her son Robert, my father, was born in 1918.
This picture was taken after she married my grandfather Rolla. At this moment, she had much of her life still ahead of her... and it would be more than 20 years before she would have the right to vote in the United States. Amazing. She was my hero.

#Pussyhat Project 
Trump's term of office has begun as expected--inhabited by that vain, insecure, lying, empty-headed narcissist who knows nothing--less than nothing--about decency, the country he was elected to lead, or anything else. He is not my president. We are well and truly fucked, all of us. The hatred, the lack of integrity, the foolishness of his world view is astounding. I believe America has tipped over the edge with talk of "alternative facts" and administrative policies that are poorly researched and will set us, people and living creatures and our environment back for years and years. I don't have that long to live, ten, maybe fifteen years?, and part of me just doesn't care. But I pledge to ensure every. single. trump. supporter. owns. his/her. actions. The Women's Marches and protests across the WORLD were astounding. I wish I lived in another country, I wish it. But since I'm here I will fight.

Hat number one that 1 mailed to Washington DC

My sweet old puppy, going grey. Like me. I love this little dog so much! Born in Sept 2004 in Louisiana.