Oct 30, 2015

Spindle Fall 2015

Kayak sold! Cool weather is here! Gave in and put the heat on, since it's October 30 and coooold. The beautiful leaves are almost all on the ground, there's a gold glow to the light; very uplifting.

Since mid-summer, Tour de Fleece to be exact, I've been learning how to spin on my drop spindle. I learned on the "boat anchor" Polish spindle from Peace Fleece, a bottom whorl type. Very good for learning, long spin. I promised I'd spin on it every day of TdF.

So I did, and found that a little perseverance pays off! This is sooooo much fun! In addition to the boat anchor, I started using a Bare Bonsie spindle made by Elizabeth Daly (Greensleeves Spindles http://www.greensleevesspindles.com/#  I got this at Port Fiber,   http://portfiber.com/ , my local fiber shop and best place in the world!   My yarns spun during TdF--

I'm so proud of myself for doing this, carrying a drop spindle (or two) around is so much easier than schlepping my Lendrum hither and thither. Plus, I really like the yarns I've been making. A lot. 

My spindle acquisitions have been fairly modest, three Bare Bonsies (really, at $15, who can resist?). A beautiful Bosworth midi  http://www.journeywheel.com/spindles.html that I bought at the Fiber Revival 2015 in Newbury, MA:
Bosworth top whorl, Greensleeves top whorl

The batt under the two spindles above was a dream to spin--it was from Josette at Enchanted Knoll   https://www.etsy.com/shop/enchantedknoll and the final 2 ply yarn is lovely. The Bosworth weighs 27g and the Bare Bonsie weighs 26g.

So... and few more spindles have been acquired... a few small turkish spindles made on a 3-D printer by Jen Kemery at TurtleMade , and 2 sets of spindles from Adan Aker at Akerworks. The 3-D printed process fascinates, it's so amazing to see actual solid useable objects created. Especially to use one for one of the oldest handwork methodologies out there. I have two large Trilliums and two medium Geraniums. All have carbon fiber shafts and spin forever. 
My first modular drop spindle

Why two of everything? Because it's easier to deal with the cops for plying. It's nice to fill up two spindles. I'm not made of $$ so can't have everything I want all at once, but I would like another Bosworth spindle and also a Golding. One of my friends let me spin on hers yesterday and I know that's my next spindle. Here's the thing, I had a Golding, for maybe three years. I didn't use it, I didn't know how, so it kept my straight knitting needles company for ages until one day I took it to spinning group and asked if someone would like to buy it. Bye bye Golding. 

So it goes, making things. Soon I'll pull the tapestry loom over and work on the piece I'm doing for one of Rebecca Mezoff's classes. I'll finish knitting the two pairs of mittens I'm making for a friend. But right now, I'm going outside to enjoy that golden light!

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