Feb 19, 2014

Catching Up

Winter in the NE is getting really really really old. This is not news to anyone, and pretty boring to those people who have no weather at all, but thought I'd mention the frost feathers I noticed whilst walking on the frigid subzero beach a few days ago ~ very fragile, very subtle.

There has been some interest in natural dyeing with lichens, and I refer to Rachel Bingham Kessler's excellent blog, 44 Clovers http://44clovers.blogspot.com/ She has posted several tutorials on natural dyeing with all sorts of substances from bark, beetles and beets to lichen. Very useful!
I have three jars of dye almost ready to go:

It's going to dye a lovely plummy color, I think. These are from the lichen commonly referred to as "black potato chip" type, I think it's Umbilicaria  ~ I know where it grows in abundance but am keeping that under my hat and harvesting sustainably.

I've been knitting like mad this winter, have finished lots and lots of wooly things since the last post. I also discovered plus a post I created months ago that seemingly never published, so that one shows more of the things I've worked on in the past year. 

Pictures, I'll try my best to get a few of them to show up here. One of my pet peeves about this platform is how difficult it is for me to get pictures up here. I guess I need to work on better methods for keeping and linking picture files. 

At the Knitting Pipeline retreat last Fall, many of us knit "FELFS", Knitted elven footwear from Cat Bordhi's book, The Art of Felfs. http://catbordhi.com/ These are awesome, I've made 3 pairs.

Here is my Antrim sweater by Mercedes Tarosovich-Clark (sp?) -- it should have been knit in Harrisville Designs WaterShed yarn, and I had some, but used it for a different sweater. In retrospect, I should have used it on this one too, but that's a lesson learned. Here's the Antrim knit in Berocco Vintage~


It's big, and the wool acrylic blend sags... it's not a success, though it's growing on me...

The WaterShed sweater is an amalgamation of Vera Sanon's top-down raglan pullover for Cascade, with my additions of garter bands down the arms, under the arms and along the raglans. The woolen spun yarn is very heathery. Below is a picture of one of the cuff bindoffs, done in Jeny's very stretchy bindoff in rib pattern. I'm liking this sweater a whole lot! It's keeping me warm right now!

So... a bit after Valentine's Day 2014, hope I'll get to doing this more often!

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