Mar 22, 2013

Spring Ahead, Sure!

March 22
OK, it's not exactly Spring though the calendar may indicate it, we got another SNOWSTORM. To say this is getting old is... well, I'm ready, more than ready, for Spring. Real Spring.
Since I'm such a sloth about keeping this current, I'll just surrender and post as much as I can remember about the last several months. 

Susie's getting married!! In Iceland! And I get to go. Hence a flurry of Iceland knitting. The first was Ragga Eiriksdottir's pattern, here's a link to my Ravelry project My Odinn

The second was inspired by Ragga's Craftsy  class, Top Down Icelandic Sweater. The original is called Maren, but this is much modified. I wanted a short sleeve vest-type sweater to wear over a t shirt. Maren T The real Maren is a lovely open long sleeved cardigan.

I can't wait to go to Iceland. Susan and Fridgeir are getting married on the summer  Solstice in Reykjavik and her mother Jackie and are going. Jackie and I are adding 3-4 days before and 3 days after the wedding to play. I'm taking an empty suitcase for wool! I want to hike, see the geology (I am a geologist!!), swim in hot springs, ride their wonderful horses. Meet knitters. Drink coffee. Visit with Susie, Fridgeir and Jackie, who is my oldest friend. Have adventures, shop, eat fresh fish and thick, creamy yogurt. I can't wait!

Not sure what precipitated the urge I now have to knit sweaters again, but it's there. Confidence, I guess, and time. I still have the urge to change everything, and I'm firmly in the Frankensweater stage, but someday my sweaters will be better. these two Icelandic sweaters fit well, are warm, and my first two-handed stranded sweater efforts.

To practice the two handed thing I made a cowl before starting Odinn. Inspira-inspired. Homespun Inspira from bits of homespun I had lying around. I love this huge cowl!!

Weaving... Paula's cowl came out well, and has now been to Paris, Venice and Florence!! I wish I had been able to accompany it on its travels, but alas, someone has to stay here to Maine to SHOVEL the SNOW. 

We have had the most awesome winter, really amazing. Lots of cold, wind, beach erosion...
Such fun, despite the cold, I've spent many happy hours outside with Jackson walking and taking photos with my phone. Skating in the woods, so peaceful!!

On my needles... a new shawl from Paula Fuessle-Emmons, Gill's Rock 

and a sweater, Move , from Ankestrick at Fallmasche.  It uses the Contiguous Sleeve method developed by Susie Myers (SusieM on Ravelry: here
This is a fascinating method for doing a top down sleeve where the sleeve cap actually fits and cups the sleeve the way a set in sleeve does. 

I love this, and learning something new!! This was going to be simple, a Breton style pullover, but I've already deviated a bit. Endlessly amusing though.

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