Dec 14, 2012

The intent is always evident in the results...

Because nearly everything we do has an effect, it's important to do things mindfully.
Firsts this week - used dried fish to make chowder, made a hammered copper pin, spun a bit of 60 dollar an ounce fiber.

1st  try, some less than perfect spots, but fun!

The chowder; the brown tone is from roasted vegetables; this tastes awesome!

I don't have a picture of the quiviut as I sat at Jenny's wheel to spin it but soooo soft!

I finished my ornament for the swap at the Christmas guild meeting tomorrow; felted and Border Leicester locks from a lamb fleece. It's stuffed slightly... adorable, no?

Eggs from Jenny's special chickens... lovely shades of green!

Speaking of green... we walked in the Smith Preserve today and I took multiple pictures of things that are still green!

The range of greens is really amazing, esp in the ubiquitous moss. 

The brook was also beautiful as usual with just a skim of ice forming little geometric shapes.

I still didn't warp the loom for Paula's cowl, but I will do that soon, maybe tomorrow afternoon after the guild meeting.

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