Dec 12, 2012

Awesome Day Blessings

Sun, sun, sun. How I love spinning, knitting or weaving with bright sun on my hands, esp when it's cold outside and I'm warm inside!

Jackson, my dear heart and best bud
Some of the pile of finished woven pieces--

Afternoon coffee and cookie in Lower Village--

Early fog--winter morning at Gooch's Beach

Some homespun, calling out to the loom/needles, "I'm here!"

Cascade Brook, so unexpected--

Evening light doesn't quite hide the wrinkles does it?

Here it comes, the season.

I admit it, I'll be happy when the 'season' is past and the days begin to lengthen. 
Who could resist such a face?
Today we walked in the woods for 2 and half hours, way in toward the Trolley museum. The day was cold, in the 20's but I peeled down to just my aran sweater, tied my jacket, mittens and hat, took some videos and emailed them hither and thither. Such pure joy!

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