Nov 28, 2012

OMG Almost Christmas!!??

Another attempt to get beyond blog ennui. No ennui in my life, I've now lost 63 lbs!! and have time to knit, spin, weave and/or sew every day. Sometimes all four if it's a good day. And bicycling, and reading. 

New things - Weaving. 
First project

Began by taking a class from Melodi at the Portland Fiber Gallery and Weaving Studio then rented one of her rigid heddle looms, a Schacht Flip 15", and loved the whole process. It's really easy, not intimidating at all.

Shortly after that I bought my own 20" Ashford Knitter's Loom, made a stand and a couple of stick shuttles for it, and was off and running. I've made several pieces, each trying out something new.

Uist Hebridean warp with my BFL homespun

Kimono Silk Ribbon

Mixed cotton, four weights

Leno in Alpaca Silk

Homemade Stand

Long Warp!

So the whole process of learning a new craft has been amazing. It's a terrific way to use the homespun I make... spinning every week and most days does pile it up...

I went to the New England Fiber show in Springfield MA this Fall and saw some gorgeous Saori work, and the special Saori looms, which seem awfully cool. I met Mihoko Wakabayashi from Worcester, who has an awesome studio, I may go down there this winter to take some classes in the studio there. The wood folding loom is very appealing.

Lately I've been felting open work wool scarves, loving the techniques and variability of the finished products. I'm wearing a cowl I made this morning... I twisted it before seaming it up so it's a moebius. 

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