Nov 28, 2012

November Something

It's snowing, so imperceptibly it's almost invisible. Since arriving back from the dog-walk on the beach, I've raked, put away pots, hoses and tools, taken recycling to the dump... just getting around to coming indoors to have breakfast and feed the most patient of dogs. And myself.

Weight loss update, 65 lbs. Awesome. I feel almost springy, with that much weight off my knee joints it's no wonder. About 20 pounds to go to get to my goal.

Weaving is my newest passion to the stable of fiber arts I'm enjoying. I'm pretty sure I've saved my life with knitting, spinning and weaving.

I bought a rigid heddle loom, the 20" Ashford Knitter's Loom, after trying out a Schacht Flip for a month. I've done about 10 projects, and each seems more beautiful (to me) than the last. I learn so much from each thing I try, and the bonus is that I have a ready made pile of Christmas presents, a sort of bonus for my bliss.

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