Aug 14, 2012

Summer 2012

Have I been busy?  This girl thought she'd have oodles of time to blog, like, in a daily basis....

So, been riding my new bike A LOT. Reason? Job 1 is losing many lbs. and regaining fitness.  Since April 26th I'm happy to say I've lost nearly 40 lbs. Yes! It is Job 1, it does take focus, but it's been lovely. Riding my bike almost every day... at first 6-8 miles, then 10, then 14, now between 16 - 20. Easily. Knees no longer hurt. Love riding so it's a treat. Living in Maine near the coast doesn't hurt either. See pics below, from some of my daily rides--

The first is Casco Bay from the bike path, eastern end, Portland. The second is a farm over in Cape Porpoise - looks like the British Isles to me - third is Parson's Beach marsh in my town. Sigh, gotta love it.

So, bike riding. Then there's spinning. Went to Sugarloaf, to the Maine Spinner's Registry Retreat. Lovely.

Gorgeous place, Sugarloaf! The Bigelow range is right across the valley.  We had a lovely time! 

My first weaving lesson is this afternoon, had better get a move on...

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