May 21, 2012

New Bike!

My new bike came--it's a Bianchi Milano Parc... 

Nothing like coming full circle, back to 10 years old with my first "english" bike. That had fenders, three gears, an internal hub, chain guard, and rack. And a comfortable seat.  Ditto this one. That one was a black Raleigh, this is a white Bianchi. The Brooks seat on the old bike was far superior to the seat on this one, but Brooks saddles now cost over 100 bucks... I'm tempted but we'll see about that. I love the curved top tube on this bike, the responsiveness, everything about it.

So no more charity rides no more long treks, because the bike is now about daily lifestyle, errands, etc. And I love it! Plus it's awesome exercise and it's good for my knees to spin easily for long rides, which I now have time to do!! The chronically swollen left knee is already looking and feeling better. Have also lost 9.2 #, hurray!!

Saturday I rode to the next town on the Eastern Trail --6.2 miles, all off-road and very nice. I really enjoyed it. Did about 14 or 15 miles that day.

Started knitting the Wingspan Shawl, using a variegated sock yarn from AslanTrends called Santa Fe. If I like it, I'll make it again from homespun - will try to spin a yarn with long color changes for it.

I'm currently spinning with a group at the Portland Fiber Gallery and loving it. Thery make beautiful batts and braids, wonderful stuff!! Spinners meet every Thursday afternoon and every other Sunday afternoon. They have an Etsy shop as well as a nice space in Portland ME. And classes!

May 2, 2012


OK, I have to say it, this retirement thing is sweeeeet! I wake around 4:30 AM, stretch and contemplate the loveliness of the post-sunrise choices. Leave for the beach at 6 with Jackson, walk with friends. Then.... Knit? Spin? Clean closets? Ride my bike? Time. Bless you.

Day after tomorrow I leave for Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival ! Another sweet thing, I can go when and where I want. If I knew how terrific this would feel, would I have resenting working and saving $ for YEARS and YEARS any less?

Speaking of cleaning closets, yes, the under-stairs closet is now cleaned out. Before and after! Actually, the before is everything that was in it, spread out all over.

Amazing, huh? 

Next, I finished the CEY Starboard neck thing, only I joined it in a big loop that wraps around my neck three times. No ends to fiddle with!

Not a normally pink girl, nor a picot girl, what is old age doing to my brain?? That reminds me of something one of my fellow beach dog walkers told me when I asked the names of his dogs... "Wyatt and Riley," he said, "or Riot and Wily sometimes!"

And~ a linen neck thing or possibly head thing, from Quince & Co Sparrow ~ a lovely Belgian linen. I'm going to love this! It's going to be a Cabled Necklace and is from olgajazzzy, who has various other wonderful things on her blogs, check it out. This is a free pattern on Ravelry.

OK, I'm off for some preventative car maintenance thing, to stave off the possibililty of an annoying car issue on the long drive from Maine to Maryland in a few days!