Apr 22, 2012


I'm so excited, I retired on Friday! As a single woman who's worked, most all her life to date, this is a big deal.  I'm amazed that the $ is there in savings and SS to do this, that I can retire and still be in excellent  health, that I may have years to enjoy my passions. Trite, but another chapter, another door opening. I'm lucky, lucky, lucky.

Things I love - this shot of a ewe watching to fairgoers quietly from her enclosure... me too, I relate. It's me, getting my feet wet exploring a new passion. I love it so much that I use it as my ravatar on Ravelry for Jaxie985.

At Hub Mills store in No. Billerica, MA yesterday I bought (among other things) a few skeins of Seedling, CEY's organic cotton from their Verde Collection, color 4564... will make Starboard Wrap from the Classic Elite Yarns Harbor 2012 pamphlet.  It's soft and has picots along the edge, and I, un-girliest of girls, have a soft spot for picots! Colors more muted than this photo shows...

Have been trying hard to learn how to knit Continental style, the better to do stranded knitting, and the one of the women at the store showed me method of purling that looked fabulous, if I could just get it. Practice.

Off my needles - my second Prairie Piper Shawl - from http://www.quinceandco.com/ and knit in their fingering wt yarn, Finch... Kittywake colorway.  The first Prairie Piper I made from Chickadee in the Q & Co Leek colorway. Both are gorgeous, soft, springy and lovely to knit with. The Finch version here isn't blocked yet, and curled up reminds me of the caterpillar in Alice and Wonderland, minus the hookah...
And... the finished Leeks of Spring Piper I made mostly while sitting in a waiting room waiting last month so I naturally gave it to my cancer buddy at work. The designer is Paula Emons-Fuessle, whose podcast Knitting Pipeline is brilliant! She submitted her shawl design when Quince & Co. put out a call for shawl designs, and she has a winner with this one.

That's it. A "real" blog episode that has the pictures and text... now that I have time, I'll be working on how to format this blog, it's on my to-do list!!

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  1. Gwen Vesenka, aka busyvees23/4/12 9:59 PM

    Congratulations, Linda! So happy for you. Just think of all the time to knit and go off on fibery adventures!