Apr 24, 2012

Jester's Folly

I started this scarf I'm calling Jester's Folly a few days ago... in honor of May Day! The gal at Hub Mill Store said the cast on of 135 picots over 405 sts was "a bit tiresome"--yes, I'd agree, but I'm rather enjoying it, then the rest will be a quick knit, ribs with with short rows. I suddenly wanted a quick, soft cotton scarf for the warmer weather. It's Starboard, by Susan Mills, from the Harbor CEY pamphlet.

Picots, yes, in my dotage, I'm most fond of them, they're so unpredictable and thus full of joy in my book. I wouldn't have been caught dead with a picot on my clothing as a kid (and they were in then!). Go figure.

I may make one of these for Morgan, but perhaps substitute twirlies~instead of picots~like those on Cat Bordhi's Anemone Hat . Just to see if it works that way. Morg's my only relative who would consider wearing something like that.  Over the metal dog collar.  Though to do her justice, the dog collar has been swapped for a sterling silver look-alike. Meanwhile, I'd like to finish it soon to wear it to Maryland Sheep and Wool the week after next.

Yes, I'm going! My first post-retirement trip~(did I say I was retired? Finally?) Planning to pack up the car with some knitting, my wheel and a bike, and go! For as long as I like, three or four days. If I'm lucky, when I come back through Western MA on May 7th or 8th I'll stop at WEBS, hang about and try to meet Brenda Dayne, of the Cast On podcast, http://cast-on.com/ perhaps between classes? She's fast becoming a hero of mine, I so envy her life in Wales. 

Yesterday's venture to the local welding shop netted a tube of 1/16th gauge stainless steel wires, 36 in in length, probably 20 in all for 9 bucks. Welding shop stuff is great, smooth, inexpensive. They have copper wire, and I'm plotting about what can be made from it. This was to supplement my 3/32 gauge wires, but are more flexible, for blocking curves. Then I stumbled upon some interlocking foam mats at Goodwill. How cool is it that I can now block my shawls and such on the mats instead of the carpet?

I blocked this~

Which I then decided to give to my neighbor Laura... it's her palette, she has the most gorgeous white hair and looks stunning in neutrals with her silver jewelry. 

Lastly, some progress on the Hickory Socks, from Clara Parkes Book of Socks. The yarn is a dead ringer for some Zauerball I saw at the Freeport get-together this winter, but it's not, it's Kroy FX and I believe cost 3 or 4 $ a ball. It's tough and will wear well. The pattern, when spread out,  really does look like the bark of a shagbark hickory tree. I modified the heel, as my new go-to heel is Cat Bordhi's Sweet Tomato Heel ~brilliant in construction, easy to remember, fits like a dream!

That's about it, except for an interesting naturey thing I noticed yesterday at the beach. It was stormy, very windy and foggy. A large flock of terns occupied a portion of the beach, a few hundred of them. Ringing them were 20 or so black-back gulls, the largest of the gulls around here. It was a definite standoff. Once in awhile a gull would take flight over the flock, to be chased away immediately by several angry-sounding terns, who would circle the gull, screaming and dive-bombing, until the gull veered off. This continued until rain began running down the back of my neck~well, I'm sure it continued after that, but they lost their audience of two, Jackson and I, at that point.

Off for a bike ride. Grins.

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