Oct 30, 2011

Fall at last!

I wish it were easier to find time to do this blog!! Somehow, working full time and keeping the house and dog going and knitting, and spinning, whew! Plus learning what I'm doing... all a bit of an uphill thing! And I have huge frustration with posting photos... If I just took the time to put my photos where I can easily put them into this blog, I might be a bit better at getting to this thing!

Shawl projects have dominated in the past year - Started with Jared Flood's Guernsey wrap in Shelter yarn last Fall. here  Love the pattern but not so much the Shelter colors I chose, and though the yarn is light, wooly and warm, it's harsh against my skin...
Then Terra, another Jared Flood pattern... love the pattern and the color, and it's oh, so warm! But the Berocco Ultra Alpaca yarn is so soft, it pills easily. Maybe after all the pilling is done I can shave them off and it'll be fine?
Then Spring Seeds Neckwarmer by Bonnie Sennott - this was a challenge and I stopped at least one repeat early, so it's barely neckerchief size. I used Quince & Co Chickadee in Snap Pea... one of my favorite yarns!
Then a rash of others -
Taygete in Quince Tern, Barnacle and Back Bay colors... this is by Romi Hill and I love her E-book of shawls!

Scalene, by Carina Spencer in Quince Lark, the white and River colors... neat pocket slit in this and love the stripes...
Ann Hanson's Leafprints... so gorgeous.

Now Catkin in Mad Tosh Merino Light -- Earl Grey's Amber Trinket. As of Nov 1 this is half done.
Catkin Swatch
Leafprints by Ann Hanson, modified a bit, Quince Chickadee in Parsley.

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