May 19, 2011

Mascots be Damned

I was complaining about the constant rain we've been having and my friend said why did I think the mascots of the two big colleges in the Northwest are the Beavers and the Ducks? Indeed.

On my needles - the Romi Hill Taygete is almost to the lace, the second Lacy Mock Cable sock is too. Afterthought heels on the socks. They work for me and fit, and it's awesome to blow by the heel.

Truly not enough knitting time, nor enough picture taking time.

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  1. Hey, LInda! How did I not know all this time that you have a blog?!? I went back to the beginning to read all your posts, and now that I've come to the end—Is it truly the end? It looks like you may have blog-faded! Say it isn't so—I want more!