Apr 1, 2011

Getting a Grip

Trying to improve on this blogging thing, it's something I should be good at but oddly am not. Maybe it just takes time, something I don't have in quantity and manage poorly at the best of times.
Also I think it takes organization and computer smarts... I have a sneaking feeling I do things the long way, every time. And there's the aspect of sharing personal stuff which isn't my intention.

However, I'm at home today due to the wretched snow, a northeaster, on April 1st. About the storm, each cubic foot of this snow weighs a ton. Started for work, went by my exit-on purpose, deciding at the almost the last moment it was hardly worthwhile, then couldn't find a place to turn around. My slight panic made the windows fog and cars came out of nowhere. Who knew they don't even plow on that side of the turnpike?? How far would I have driven had I not turned the defroster to high and come to a sheltered place under the pines where there was a recently plowed driveway?

So I am home, where I can knit.

Current project, Spring Seeds Neckerchief:

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