Oct 30, 2011


Ok, not lace, but my sanity.

Take this weekend, for instance. Did I mention my work environment now sucks very loudly, with the new mother ship imposing her will on us and picking off the best and brightest? Either by transfer, or, if that is refused (and why, truthfully, would anyone want to move from Portland, ME to the heartland... or worse, the mine-pocked landscape of the middle West?) by layoff.

What I perceived as a work environment with a high premium on integrity has vanished. When one is are a gatekeeper this has the effect of pulling the rug out and knocking off the footholds. Never have I had to spend so much time crafting simple, clear replies... they have brought their minefields with them.

So, the importance of immersion in fibery goodness just grows by leaps and bounds.

Have now 5 projects on the needles, my limit, I'd say. I'm still working on Earl Grey's Amber Trinket... initially thinking I might finish it by the time Rhinebeck rolled around, but that was not to be. I may not be done by TDay.

 I'm immersed in Cat Bordhi's designs. And her blog, here which has a fabulous account of a recent visit to the maritimes to teach and visit with Lucy Neatby.

First her Sweet Tomato Heel and second, her Sweet Tomato Padded heel, both are divine and more importantly, FIT ME!

Cast on Warm All Winter by the same designer, but frogged it last night -- maybe another yarn, was using a Woolen Rabbit yarn, very soft, but not right for this.

AND now Anemone Hats. All Cat's, all fabulous. This will be the arctic one, Jojoland Fantasia. Magical Moebius-land!

Fall at last!

I wish it were easier to find time to do this blog!! Somehow, working full time and keeping the house and dog going and knitting, and spinning, whew! Plus learning what I'm doing... all a bit of an uphill thing! And I have huge frustration with posting photos... If I just took the time to put my photos where I can easily put them into this blog, I might be a bit better at getting to this thing!

Shawl projects have dominated in the past year - Started with Jared Flood's Guernsey wrap in Shelter yarn last Fall. here  Love the pattern but not so much the Shelter colors I chose, and though the yarn is light, wooly and warm, it's harsh against my skin...
Then Terra, another Jared Flood pattern... love the pattern and the color, and it's oh, so warm! But the Berocco Ultra Alpaca yarn is so soft, it pills easily. Maybe after all the pilling is done I can shave them off and it'll be fine?
Then Spring Seeds Neckwarmer by Bonnie Sennott - this was a challenge and I stopped at least one repeat early, so it's barely neckerchief size. I used Quince & Co Chickadee in Snap Pea... one of my favorite yarns!
Then a rash of others -
Taygete in Quince Tern, Barnacle and Back Bay colors... this is by Romi Hill and I love her E-book of shawls!

Scalene, by Carina Spencer in Quince Lark, the white and River colors... neat pocket slit in this and love the stripes...
Ann Hanson's Leafprints... so gorgeous.

Now Catkin in Mad Tosh Merino Light -- Earl Grey's Amber Trinket. As of Nov 1 this is half done.
Catkin Swatch
Leafprints by Ann Hanson, modified a bit, Quince Chickadee in Parsley.

May 19, 2011

Mascots be Damned

I was complaining about the constant rain we've been having and my friend said why did I think the mascots of the two big colleges in the Northwest are the Beavers and the Ducks? Indeed.

On my needles - the Romi Hill Taygete is almost to the lace, the second Lacy Mock Cable sock is too. Afterthought heels on the socks. They work for me and fit, and it's awesome to blow by the heel.

Truly not enough knitting time, nor enough picture taking time.

May 15, 2011

When You're Ready It Will Come

Things to learn:
Take the camera out of the car when setting off from the parking lot at a fiber festival; I know I want pictures of sheep.
Get pictures off my phone.
Keep the Ipod Touch close at hand, not buried in my bag.
Add a button to my blog, like a Ravelry button for instance.

Things to practice:
Uploading pictures before I start to blog (what pictures?)
Wearing my pretty shawls
Collecting URLs ahead of time so I can create links.

It will come with time, right? I want to be knitting and spinning and ever so slightly resent time spent doing other things, like looking up how to do these things, but that's me.

Speaking of trusting the process, I magically began to spin from the fold this morning and can't believe how much difference it makes with the merino-tencel fiber I'm spinning!! Amy King at www.spunkyeclectic.com told me I'd probably have success spinning it from the fold, but I wasn't willing to try it, never having done it.

Turns out it's like all the other things I've learned since March 2010 when I began knitting, there's a punctuated equilibrium to the knitting and spinning journey. You learn, you absorb, yu act on things when you're ready, and you leap forward to another level. Stay engaged and the rest takes care of itself.

NH Sheep & Wool festival in Contoocook NH yesterday! It was terrific, I loved seeing all the fiber, the animals, the devotees--all in one place. Priceless.

The working dogs were wonderful and caught my interest. Bought 3 new bobbins for my Lendrum DT from A Touch of Twist, a cleverdo-hickey for carrying a ball of yarn about with me while I walk and knit, some lovely beeswax based cream from BJ Chadwick - Bee Natural Hand Cream - divine feel and my hands are suddenly smoother, I swear. Also some lovely navy Cormo top and a Knitscene magazine containing a pattern I wanted.

In the spinner's hall I liked reading the judge's comments on the submissions - so informative!!

May 4, 2011


I just read prairie piper's blog about her father's recent death and am thinking about my own father, missing him.

Started Taygete, am on about the 40th row... 76 is the halfway point on the striped section, then there's the lace and the picot edge.

Love the colors and pattern!

Socks are also coming along, and I spun more yarn for the Baktus in the Louet Northern Lights fiber.

Apr 11, 2011

This must be what asthma feels like

Home sick w bronchitis, finishing a sock, slowly slowly. Knit across the row, put it down, close eyes, open eyes, knit across another row. Blue Danube, forever Froggy the Frog in my brain, playing on NPR.
So wish I could master this blog with putting in photos. It defeats me.

Apr 10, 2011

April - first warm day

K... I have bronchitis so a little difficulty breathing here. finished the Spring Seeds shawlette (neckerchief) in Quince & Co Chickadee in the Snap Pea colorway.

I Washington DC last week, at the Farmer's Mkt in Dupont Circle. Bought some lace wt yarn from Solitude Yarns.

Apr 6, 2011


The challenges in my life seem pretty high right now. Trying to learn the simplest thing, putting up pictures. None of the hosting sites seems easy. So I'm struggling. And it's dark.

Fresh Mkt Dupont Circle

cool air feels like a kiss

OK I truly thought Washington DC would be lovely. It was a nice break, that is, from the recent snow and the dirty snowbanks... Cherry blossoms, outside farmer's mkts.

Apr 1, 2011

Getting a Grip

Trying to improve on this blogging thing, it's something I should be good at but oddly am not. Maybe it just takes time, something I don't have in quantity and manage poorly at the best of times.
Also I think it takes organization and computer smarts... I have a sneaking feeling I do things the long way, every time. And there's the aspect of sharing personal stuff which isn't my intention.

However, I'm at home today due to the wretched snow, a northeaster, on April 1st. About the storm, each cubic foot of this snow weighs a ton. Started for work, went by my exit-on purpose, deciding at the almost the last moment it was hardly worthwhile, then couldn't find a place to turn around. My slight panic made the windows fog and cars came out of nowhere. Who knew they don't even plow on that side of the turnpike?? How far would I have driven had I not turned the defroster to high and come to a sheltered place under the pines where there was a recently plowed driveway?

So I am home, where I can knit.

Current project, Spring Seeds Neckerchief:

Mar 4, 2011

March Madness

Terra Wrap almost done, Ultra Alpaca worsted in bluest blue! Started as a Brooklyn Tweed Romney Kerchief www.brooklyntweed.com but when I got to the edge I wanted lace... tried to figure it out on my own but didn't get it so bought the Terra Wrap pattern too so I'd get the edge lace pattern. Now I think I could figure out the lace on any triangle... so this has been a good way to learn how.

The fiber retreat in New Brunswick next Fall is full... or the Yarn Harlot classes are... too expensive for me anyhow.  I will go to Fiber College though, that'll be my vaca...

Feb 21, 2011

Knit update

K - I will figure this out! It's President's Day, in the afternoon. Sun out after snow this AM.
Finished Blue Helix scarf out of homespun, really bloomy.

Feb 20, 2011

New Macbook Pro

Maybe now I'll actually use this blog, update it -- USE it. I've been trying to fit it in and it's blocked at work so I just haven't been interested. Now I have wireless in the house and can so see some action on this front.

Feb 5, 2011

Will the snow ever stop?

OK. Too much snow.
Mittens, now mitts due to navaho-plying the fiber from Springfield, there's not enough for mittens. But I like the color gradation, I didn't know it does that.

Blue helix... softer, more open than first helix... both homespun, the green is mine - my first - and the blue is ?? I must get better at remembering these things.