Nov 18, 2010

Spin spin spin - New Lendrum DT wheel bliss

Have new spinning wheel, there's a special nirvana to spinning unknown fiber as a new spinner. Love the adventure of it.
Whatever the source(s) of the fiber I'm spinning, it's a lovely combination of colors and textures. The darkest purple is tangly and the fibers are short  - the red is longish and crimpy, the pale blue is long and smooth, the cornflower colors is like the red, smooth with a definite crimp. The singles are thin, a bit wooly. I suppose I'm spinning semi worsted, drafting forward and back at once, controlling the twist before the drafting triangle, smoothing it into the yarn. But it's still wooly - I think because of the very wooly dark purple fibers that run through the whole.
Will ply tonight to see how it comes out. I'm hoping DK, not too much variation.
Once I figure out how to resize photos I'll be happier.

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