Oct 15, 2010


I'm not very fast at much of anything, other than arguing and coming to the defense of Obama, but I'm loving the knitting community and wishing I had more time to participate, be funny, be sheepy, share my passion. Esp this blog. I keep thinking I'll take the time to get it together, design it a bit, link to other blogs I like, link in some pics... But at the moment, Ravelry is all I can manage.

Best news, refinanced my home, got a GREAT rate and a bit of cash back, which I'm using to take spinning lessons (YAY) and buy a spinning wheel. Now I can retire in a few years and still pay the mtge. Having a roof over one's head in Maine is such a good thing!

On the prudent side, I'm also planning to change out the heating elements downstairs in my house to stay warmer more cheaply during these Maine winters. While I'm spinning...

Haven't turned on the heat yet tho!! TG for knitted things!

I've noticed very little coordination of colors in the things I've been knitting for myself! Grey hat, green gloves, purple mittens... on the one hand I dislike matchy matchy but on the other I look a little strange. Morphing into the fuzzy creature I am.

It's raining like blazes, my new homespun hat got wet this AM and now I can pick it up and smell it once and while for the thrill of it all. Love that sheepy smell!!

Oh, and podcasts! I longed to be the master of my old IPod mini and I am, or at least I'm getting there. I've been listening to several and when I learn how to do it I'll give them a link in here.

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