Sep 1, 2010

New Month, Podcasts, Mitts

Sometimes I wonder why I'm so deadly un-original in my blog titles... new month, well, duh! I wouldn't have noticed but for the FREE COFFEE sign the local convenience store puts up on the first of ea month.

Have been downloading and enjoying podcasts in the car...  knew that IPod would come in handy someday! I bought an IPod mini, years ago 2005 I think, so I could block out all and any distractions, mostly from a co-worker who irritated me. And so I could walk and bounce without skipping, if you know what I mean.

But it literally spent years in the kitchen drawer after the novelty wore off. This year, I dusted it off, re-read the instruction booklet (yes, I read and save those, I'm a Virgo!) and discovered tho it's not made anymore it is supported. Also my car has an Ipod jack and cable. So I removed the songs and downloaded some knitting podcasts, which are lovely to listen to on my commute. Yarns from the Plain, Sticks and String, Knit Science, BarknKnit. Maybe another I've left out. Quite quite amusing.

Been too hot to finish the Sweater, the big green sweater. Wool, hot hot hot. Did I mention we're having our annual heat wave in Maine? Three+ days of above 90 degree weather? I have finished fingerless gloves, Baby Fan Mitts, very pretty. Long and lovely lace for the hands, which I know once this heat has passed off, will be divine.

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