Sep 3, 2010

Just another hook!

Once again something grabs my fancy! I tripped upon a gallery of entries for a KAL led by the Jane Thornley group on Ravelry. OMG!
Where a month ago I would have thought, pretty, but not my style, now I'm thinking, WOWEE! I read a little about the free range knitting concept Jane Thornley has developed, read some of the comments from her enormously talented followers, downloaded her free patterns and read the descriptions. Today I've been reading blogs and comments and looking at pictures. Thinking of trying the Mini Triangle KAL that started a few days ago.
Note to self: look again at that stash! Swatch a bit of fantasy! Look again at the ribbon yarns. Practice the drop stitch, see what happens.
I don't anticipate any problems letting go, since I'm not a pattern bound type of knitter. That's not to say it'll look fabulous, but it's the journey...

1 comment:

  1. hi! mosied on over after you commented on my shakespeare inspired topic ;)

    love the jane thornely stuff - had never seen it before!! a season transition kal.... something to think about.. but I am so bogged down with started projects at the moment... but I will def participate in a future kal!!
    dlg on ravelry!