Apr 13, 2010

SocksSocks I can do it

Knitting socks is why I picked up needles again. I got out some yarn and one old pair of S Bates aluminum dpns I'd used for hats, got a sock pattern from a library book, and...failed, struggled, failed again.
Backed off. Knit inumerable swatches. Got a few more needles, more yarn. Remembered how contemplative and meditative knitting is. I got some confidence back. I remembered why knitting is fun. I dug out all my needles, yarn, old stitchmarkers, tapestry needles... Joined Ravelry. Started going to yarn shops.

Bought some wool, started a sweater. it's about 60% done, just the bottom of the body and then the sleeves. Made some mitts.

This weekend on Sat went to a new yarn shop, loved the vibe, bought some sport yarn which seems extremely thin to me! Bought a classic sock pattern. Got going the right way on the dpns and started the sock again. On Sunday I went to a class at a LYS, took my little scrap of sock cuff and half a heel flap along... and voila! I came away from the shop hours later with almost a half a sock! I'm thrilled, even more thrilled than I was when I got so far on my sweater. It opens up a new world of not knitting small things flat. How cool is that!

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