Apr 21, 2010

Going to Washington

Conference in Washington DC next week, going down a day early. In the old days, when budgets weren't so lean, I'd go down  Saturday AM and return Wed. AM and have some extra time in the district to explore and play. Now it's down on Sunday, back Tuesday night. At least I'm going early Sunday, so I'll have some time... not much, and it will be Sunday so a lot of places won't be open.
Thinking of going over to Alexandria to Fibre Space http://www.fibrespace.com/ and Knit Happens and  possibly to Bethesda, Knit&Stitch=Blisshttp://www.knitandstitch.com/

Apr 16, 2010

Goodbye Lee, I'll Miss You

I received the news today that a coworker, friend, good friend, died last night. He was someone whose voice I heard in almost any work-related situation. I relied on his judgement, committment, integrity. I know, until I retire in a few years, I'll be wondering, "What would Lee have thought?"
His death was unexpected, because we all thought he was getting better. Lee had cancer for some time, but not many people knew he'd been battling it for some time. I don't believe he suffered much physical pain in his illness, but leaving his wife and sons must have caused him excruciating mental pain. I wish I could think he'd died in peace but I know last night his body just gave in to the damage from the chemo and the infection.

So goodbye, Lee. I won't forget you.

Apr 14, 2010


Another knitting day - or it would be, if I hadn't left my lunch and knitting projects on the kitchen counter. Still, I downloaded instructions for knitting socks with 2 circulars and some awesome tips from http://www.knitty.com/ . I'm no longer "afraid" of socks, having successfully (almost) finished my 1st pair.
Now I think I'll try the 2 circular method for some other things... or maybe the fuzzy feet felted slippers, also on knitty. Free.
I am going to be soooo warm this coming winter! Socks, mittens, sweaters. I'm making a little kimono for Ronne's baby shower, better get cracking on that if I want to finish! I just want to see if I can do it.

Apr 13, 2010

SocksSocks I can do it

Knitting socks is why I picked up needles again. I got out some yarn and one old pair of S Bates aluminum dpns I'd used for hats, got a sock pattern from a library book, and...failed, struggled, failed again.
Backed off. Knit inumerable swatches. Got a few more needles, more yarn. Remembered how contemplative and meditative knitting is. I got some confidence back. I remembered why knitting is fun. I dug out all my needles, yarn, old stitchmarkers, tapestry needles... Joined Ravelry. Started going to yarn shops.

Bought some wool, started a sweater. it's about 60% done, just the bottom of the body and then the sleeves. Made some mitts.

This weekend on Sat went to a new yarn shop, loved the vibe, bought some sport yarn which seems extremely thin to me! Bought a classic sock pattern. Got going the right way on the dpns and started the sock again. On Sunday I went to a class at a LYS, took my little scrap of sock cuff and half a heel flap along... and voila! I came away from the shop hours later with almost a half a sock! I'm thrilled, even more thrilled than I was when I got so far on my sweater. It opens up a new world of not knitting small things flat. How cool is that!