Mar 29, 2010

Fingerless Mitts

I found a pattern for fingerless (and thumbless) mitts in Weekend Knitting from the Library - finished one and 1/2 halfway thru the second. They're quick because they're garter stitch, one piece. Simple hole for thumb. Just about perfect for driving. walking the pup-pup.
Went to a terrific knitting shop Knit Pickings in Plaistow NH - Very good selection and great Sale prices too. Got enough of a Berocco Peruvian wool in a gorgeous purple - blue single strand, 17st per 4 inches to make a sweater - I want to make one of the Ann Budd circular yoke sweaters next.
The green sweater out of Orchid yarn from Harrisville Designs is going really well, akmost half finished, I'm about an inch and a half down the body stitches, after that the arms and it'll be done.

Mar 26, 2010

Focus Shift - New Passion

I feel like one of those drivers who pulls the emergency brake, steps on the brake pedal and wrenches the wheel around all at the same time!! Why would I want a blog about what I do all day instead of what I like?
OK, so STOP. I don't want to talk about package labeling, labeling law, USDA labeling regulations, product nutrition, or anything related to these. Anyone who's interested go to the FSIS website, pull the Labeling Guide and read.
I want to talk about knitting. I've been bitten by the knitting bug. I've knitted before, but not with passion.
In my dotage, I'm finding that I grab onto new passions with much more - enthusiasm - than in my younger years. I learn more about the new topic, I immerse myself in it. It may be age or just something in the water... but that's how it is.
So now I want to knit, and learn about knitting. I want to make nice warm heavy knitted fabric in simple boxy styles that appeal to me. I'm making a sweater. I joined Ravelry and several other websites. I read knitting blogs. I really like this. It's calming and centering.

Mar 4, 2010

FDA goes to town, I get some Yarn

Yesterday FDA cited 17 companies for labeling errors, untruthful and / or misleading labeling information. In another life, I'm a foodlabel regulatory person.
Blogwise, I'm a new knitter. I'm shovelling in knitting, it's occupying my every waking moment.

Mar 3, 2010


I believe the intent is always evident in the results. Knitting is the newest passion, a recurring one. Perhaps I'll get it right this time.